About Us

When it comes to handling financial emergencies, it is important to have a partner who understands that sometimes we may not have enough to deal with our monetary problems. We are fully committed to providing you with the best loan solutions available. Do not let a shortage of cash prevent you from starting that business or investing in that project. Over time we have built systems and culture that gears towards our main purpose: to serve you to the best of our abilities.


Your financial needs are our concern. No person is a financial island and in the time of financial emergencies, we want to be the first and best option available to you. We’ve built our corporate culture to reflect that willingness to serve. You can experience that zeal and passion to serve when you contact us. From start to finish, we ensure that you are in the best of hands with our professional staff who offer premium treatment. When you do business with us, you never have a bad experience.


We know how it can be to find someone you trust to always have your back financially, so we are dedicated to ensuring that we are always there for you. We want you to have that financial buoyancy and the ability to do whatever you want financially without constraint.

We know that lending money can be a hassle so we have simplified the process and made it easy and convenient for you. No more having to deal with angry friends or loan sharks or the exorbitant interest rates of banks. We are here for you and want to be your partner as we offer you the best possible deals.


We are motivated by the gap in access to stable and trustworthy financial services. Every day people get into one financial worry or another and we know it can be a harrowing experience getting the money you need when you need it. Be it for school fees or rent or even for household shopping. This gap drives us to provide the best financial lending services and create an avenue for you to build a trusting financial relationship with us.

We believe that bridging the gap between you and financial access is the best way we can help you solve one of the biggest problems you would face. This is our drive, to solve the access to capital in today fast paced world. It’s good to have a credit partner you can trust that can give you access to loans when you need it and with favorable terms.



After all is said and done we believe we should be your choice because we offer the best financial credit loaning service around. We have a professional, passionate and committed team that wants to serve you. We offer the best experience and want to build a reliable partnership with you our customer.

We know how important relationships are when conducting business and we also know how important the subject of money is. So who better to do business with than us who know the importance and value of credible financial relationships that you can count on.



We seek for the best Licensed Moneylender in the neighborhood of Yishun for the convenience of our borrowers. The reason why we chose Yishun neighborhood is because to offer more personalized type of loans for the people who live in the district, we first must understand the needs of the people living in the neighborhood. Our goal is to be nearer to the people of Yishun so we can control the quality of our services to fit the needs of our customers around us. We’re in this business to help build a better neighborhood and to introduce more positive energy into the people.

Fill up our online loan application form, we look forward to hearing from you. Our staff is waiting to take your questions and give you the appropriate answers. Come let us start a relationship that would enable you to become financially confident and have control over your financial future.